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How to buy a new car online?

(NOTE: all links in this article are to sites we use ourselves but we are not affiliated with them an any way and only provide links to them for your convenience)

So many things we used to do the "hard way" are not becoming online convenience. We used to have to walk out and put our mail in a box then raise a flag, or having to drive to a college campus to get our education. Now we email and take advantage of distance learning.

You can buy gifts, books, music, and so many other things from websites and online stores and even go to work in an e-office. Why not shop for a new car online? People do it every day and we can give you a few tips on how it's done.

Stuff to know before you start.

One of the first things you should learn is how to surf safely. To go into things like using a proxy and firewall are beyond the scope of this article and not required. Simple common sense will tell you most often what is ok to do and not ok.

The most important thing to know is that you should never put in your personal or financial information on any website your are not familiar with. Giving your email, phone and address will often result in increased calls and mail. Giving your social security number or banking information on the wrong site can be worse than annoying.

It is generally safe to use your information on well known and respected sites and most of the other smaller online stores are just people trying to make an honest living. I personally rarely make a purchase online with smaller companies until I have verified them by a phone call.

Shopping online and buying online.

When we say "How to buy a new car online?" we can and do mean two different things. Shopping online does not have to end in an online purchase but buying online is just that, making an online purchase.

Buying a great new car or truck online is easy and many people feel as comfortable with doing this as they do are with online banking and online bill paying. With common sense you can easily do this and find it rewarding and fun.

Shopping online for a new car.

There are many great sites like Kelly Blue Book and with new car pricing and used car values. These and other sites will give you more information about the vehicle you are looking to purchase.

Every manufacturer has a website up about their vehicles and most are packed with information about each of the more current model. This is often a great way to shop for a car, truck or any vehicle online. You let them compete with each other right from the comfort of their own home.

Once you have let the car manufacturers teach you about their product lines then you may want to visit consumer review and consumer advocacy site like Review Centre and Consumer Reports.

These types of sites will rate vehicles and other products in an unbiased way. That is they offer a true review and honest report about the value of a car or truck and give detailed information about all the various features you read about on the vehicle manufacturers websites.

With tools like these you can learn what is what in the fast paced world of new cars. You find out the manufacturers information, current pricing (so you can ask for a better deal than most offer) and an honest review of nearly every new car or truck made.

I like that shiny new car, where should I buy it?

One method is to use a site like You start out with selecting the make of car you want along with the model and your zip code. Then you chose the style for that model of vehicle that determines the base package, the next step has you selecting inside and outer colors, and next you select other options.

At this point you have a page you can print out with all your features and selections included and the MSRP and Invoice prices for your chosen car or truck with the features you wanted. You have one more step at and that is quote option. The final page you see in this experience is the name of a dealer near you with their address and phone number. If you want you can enter your name, address and phone number to have the dealer contact you about your intended car purchase

Just going through the steps does not mean you have to buy from their dealer. Sites like ours offer information on local dealers for most areas and the information you printed out from sites like will be just as useful at any dealer.

Shopping for a new car, truck or other vehicle online can speed up the whole buying process and even save you money. When you use the Internet to shop for auto insurance and auto loans you can save even more.


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